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Minimum volume of report theses is two pages.

Maximum volume of report theses is five pages.  

Paul: upper/lower/right/left - for 20 mm. Type of Times New Roman, size 14, interline interval 1,5, indention 1,25. The use of illustrative materials in texts of report theses must be minimum, they must not interfere with text (tuning of flowing around text is set “in text”). Illustrative materials created directly in a text editor MS Word needs to be grouped, they must be an only graphic object.

Tables and graphic materials must be placed in text of report theses with smoothing on a center.

In the “first” terms with smoothing on a center a semi bold type is give the name of lecture (without a point in the end). In the “second” line an italic on a center is give the list of authors and coauthors where necessarily specified scientific degree (at presence of) or position (engineer, student, graduate student) and job of authors in brackets. Beginning text of report goes from the third line, with smoothing on a width. The name and authors can occupy more than one line.

All reports are subject to mandatory internal review, as a result of which the authors may be refused publication without returning the submitted materials.

The rules for completing the full texts of the reports will be sent separately to the participants of the conference, whose works will be recommended prior to publication.

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